Onsite Private Cloud

iTeknique first began virtualizing data centers by deploying Microsoft Hyper-v on Dell servers with shared storage using Compellent or Equallogic. These data centers were private clouds before they were labeled as such. The new Dell / Microsoft cloud collaboration with expanded virtualization features represents the next stage in cloud design. It is cost-effective for small and emerging businesses but has a scale-out version for the largest enterprise, too. iTeknique has opted for this Dell flexible Microsoft Hybrid Cloud with Storage Spaces as our go-to cloud solution for private cloud customers.

iTeknique still supports traditional small business IT. Deploying one hardware server supporting 10 or so users is still effective and we have customers that fall into this category. Typically however, we virtualize this server now so that it can effectively run more than one server on a single piece of hardware while keeping the services separated. In many ways, this solution can be seen as the introductory edition of the onsite private cloud.

Hosted Private Cloud

iTeknique owns and operates its own customer hosting platform built on the scale out version of the Dell flexible Microsoft Hybrid Cloud with Storage Spaces. Cloud intelligence is administered by Microsoft Azure stack installed locally in our cloud. The iTeknique cloud has collocated data centers in northern California and Colorado for regional redundancy. This allows customers to configure what amounts to a “private” hybrid cloud by linking their onsite private cloud with our hosted one. Or customers can eliminate their onsite IT infrastructure altogether by virtualizing it and hosting it on iTeknique’s platform. Our cloud is not available to the public. Only iTeknique customers are allowed on the platform via private connections.

Public Cloud

iTeknique can manage or consult on moving to the public cloud. We have experience with Azure, Office 365, and Amazon AWS. For some customers, a public cloud is suitable as part of a hybrid cloud strategy or as the primary data center. Software-as-a-service solutions like Office 365 can be effective for companies that only need standard office-oriented applications.