iTeknique has ample experience working with customers that have regulatory requirements for security. Our consulting services can be in an advisory, auditing, or implementing capacity. Since we have experienced third-party audits on our hosting platform, assisted customers with their audits, and performed them ourselves, iTeknique has a unique perspective on security audits and how they can be most effective.


iTeknique has been providing a secure ISP to financial companies and others for over fifteen years. Thus far none of our customers have been breached or experienced loss of private data. This security service has been enhanced and expanded over time. It has now become an extremely important component in our hosted private cloud. It is, however, still available as a standalone security service. Access over private MPLS circuits is our preferred approach. Security is provided via a full-featured dual vendor solution. Companion customer site security solutions can be implemented and managed by iTeknique as well.


iTeknique has a long history of providing security for customers that have to comply with GLBA and SOX regulations. We also support retail oriented businesses that must be PCI-DSS classified. Beyond designing and implementing a compliant security solution, iTeknique understands that ongoing documentation and reporting are crucial.


For some enterprises, it is important to couple a data security solution with user training. Once the IT infrastructure is hardened against intrusions, the weak link is usually its users. Initial training is very effective for a company’s security posture. Depth and frequency of refresh training depends on regulatory requirements, company culture, and changes in attack methodology. iTeknique also provides Social Engineering Training and Testing.